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A live action, sci-fi/fantasy sword
fighting experience online or in person

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Yooo why does this work so well?

Yooo why does this work so well?

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What is the League of Swords?


Once every Eon, the Tournament is held. The greatest masters of the blade from all realities, all time periods, are brought together in The Winding, the Center of Everything. They battle to wear the Crown of Blades - for whoever wears the crown gets their hearts desire, but only if they can hold it for a year and a day.


The League of Swords is a live action sword fighting experience with an ongoing story. It draws from fighting games, professional wrestling, and of course, sword fighting, to bring you a pulse pounding experience either virtually, or at live events. The colorful characters of the League range from Pirates to Video Game Bosses - you never know who will pick up a sword next.

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