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What is the League of Swords?


Hey folks, Mike Fatum here.

I'm the creator of the League of Swords. So what the heck is this thing? Well, it's a combination of all of the things I love, and I hope you will, too. Growing up, I was obsessed with sword fights - my favorite movies were things like The Princess Bride and Pirates of the Carribean, because they delivered on great fights that told a story.

When I was in middle school, I wrote a play. It was, 100%, a rip off of Star Wars, with dialogue stolen straight from X-men comics. It wasn't great. But it had three sword fights in it, and I got the opportunity to learn how stage combat worked from an RSC trained actor. When we performed, the audience went nuts for the swordfights, which, for an extremely unpopular kid, was a godsend. I've been chasing that high ever since. 

I was also into two other, seemingly unrelated things: The Mortal Kombat movie, and Professional Wrestling. A few years ago, like a lightning bolt, the idea struck me for a way to combine them all. The storytelling and pageantry of professional wrestling. The larger than life characters of a fighting game brought to life. And the absolute joy I get from staging a sword fight for an audience. And so, the League of Swords was born.

I call the aesthetic of this whole thing, "VHS-core." We want to capture that feeling you had wandering the local video store as a kid, staring at copies of Highlander or a Godzilla film and wondering if you'd be allowed to rent them. Our characters come from everywhere - we've got Pirates, Aliens, Video Game Bosses, and more. And it's all wrapped up in the story of The Tournament, a battle that takes place once an eon to decide the fate of all realities. 

Last year, we shot a "test season," during the Pandemic, which you can find on our Youtube channel. I was so happy with where that story went, but now it's time to go big or go home. We're going to be doing shows at conventions and pop ups all over the Los Angeles Area, and we hope you'll join us live, or in the videos released after.

We hope you'll check out our videos and come to our live shows, and enjoy immersing yourself in this weird and wonderful world as much as I do.

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